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My first Interview experience

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I attended my first Interview ( Indian Army SSB Selection) on 8-10-2010. Got all certificates ready at the last moment ¬†and attended the interview with the firm belief that i won’t get selection ;-). I heard that they select very few students, may be one or two. So let me speak what all happened. First of all i entered the interview room, greeted the army officer ” Goodmorning”. He replied, ” very goodmorning”. He collected my form from me and asked me to speak about me, my parents, my hobbies…read more

Blessed Day

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It was a saturday, and i had planned a dayout with my friends. But dad told me to stay home till 1pm and will decide about my dayout after that (he had some engagements). I flattered mom and she permitted me to go out, but after 1pm. I told that i had to buy some books to start preparing for aptitude tests and ¬†interviews ;-). Friends were continously messaging me, forcing me to come(Since i agreed to give them a birthday treat ;-)). I too wanted to meet them. Dad…read more

My Best Birthday

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Hi friends, my birthday 2010 was the best birthday i had in my life. It really surprised me in many aspects. It all started at 12 o clock 16th sep 2010. I was asleep, mobile out of coverage, friends kept on trying and atlast they called home(landline)! Everyone at home awake, was in panic since they never got a call at 12am. They awaked me, and i got my first wish from one of my dearest friends. Dad was giving me a serious foul look. I kept phone, ran to…read more

Hello world!

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Welcome to my personal blog. I share my life and my story here. Crazythoughts and Nijumohan are the main motivation behind this blog. I used to read their posts and it motivated me to start such a personal blog. Read it, and comment what you feel.