My first Interview experience

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I attended my first Interview ( Indian Army SSB Selection) on 8-10-2010. Got all certificates ready at the last moment  and attended the interview with the firm belief that i won’t get selection ;-). I heard that they select very few students, may be one or two. So let me speak what all happened.

First of all i entered the interview room, greeted the army officer ” Goodmorning”. He replied, ” very goodmorning”. He collected my form from me and asked me to speak about me, my parents, my hobbies etc. I started speaking, ” I’m  Praveesh……blah blah blah” . I spoke about me, my parents, placement cell, campus blog etc. When he asked me about my hobby,  i replied ‘Blogging’ . He started asking more about that and i loved to answer all those. I told him that i’m a designer and a freelance webdeveloper ;-). He was impressed!

I could convey him my fields of interest, computers and internet. He asked me: ” If i had a Webcam and an internet connection, how can i chat with my son who is in Dubai?”. Silly question ;-). Started answering: ” Goto, Download skype, install and use. Or use other softwares like YahooMessenger, Live Messenger etc”. He told me that he tried to download skype , but he couldn’t. I told him: “Don’t worry sir, i will give you skype, yahoo messenger and such chatting Softwares before you leave today evening”. He was happy :-).

Then he started asking me GK questions. ” Who is the minister of …..blah blah blah? “. I answered sorry for all GK questions. He asked me ” How much marks should i put for your GK?” . I answered ” Zero! “.

Then he asked me to pick a lot and read it aloud. I read “Environment pollution control”. He followed ” Think for twenty seconds and speak about it for two mins”. Nothing was going through my mind. He told ” time’s up, start speaking” and i spoke what all came to my mind ( just two lines i spoke well. when i started speaking blunders he asked the next question) 😉 .

Next question was “What motivated you towards the army?” and i answered “Passion,life style, oppurtunity to serve my country….blah blah blah” 😀

Officer: “What percentage of interest you have in joining army? 60? 80? 95? 99.9? 100? ”

I answered with confidence : “100%! ”

Officer: “And if i reject you?”

Me: “I will surely attend next time. Will keep on trying till i get into army” 😉

Officer: “If you are selected for SSB, will you attend?”

Me: “Sure sir, thats what i am looking for! ”

Officer: “Did you attend the interview last time?”

Me: “No sir, i couldn’t attend”

Officer: “Why?”

Me: “Because of some problems..” 😉

Officer: “What problems?”

Me: “I had to attend an unavoidable function, and i was very much dissappointed since i couldn’t attend the interview” 😉

Officer was filling some form in between, and then he told me “Thankyou man, interview is over” 🙂

Then i came out of the hall, eby sir and placement cords were waiting outside. Explained them in detail what all happened. Then i went to Subru, and he gave me skype and other chatting softwares, wrote it in a cd and i kept it with me. Later i gave it to the officer after he had his lunch. He asked me the cost. I was stunned! I told him that these softwares are absolutely free and i don’t need any money. He asked me the price of the cd and offered me Rs 100. I didn’t accept the offer. I told that cd costs just 10Rs and it doesn’t matter. He tried his best to get change for 100Rs but no one had :-). I told him that leave it for timebeing, will collect it later.

By 3pm the result was published. 15 students were selected out of 100. And i found me, subru and nistu in that selection list. All cords congratulated us, and i was very happy :-).

Later i got an SMS from the officer “Dear Praveesh, thanks 4 the cd. Bye, have a great day and week-end too “.

I replied: “No mention sir, its my pleasure” 😉

This is what happened for my first interview. I thank God for making it a wonderful one. Also i thank all my friends for their prayers and grace.

Planning to go for SSB with my friends….. 🙂