My First Company Switch…It can be yours too…Know How

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I’m completing 4 years of IT life today  🙂 . My first company switch was not as easy as I thought before. So I’m sharing my experience, hoping that it will help someone somewhere at some point of time :mrgreen: .

Intended Audience: Those who are trying for a company switch, but are finding it difficult due to ‘n’ number of reasons. Or specifically speaking, The Software Engineers! 🙄

I have listed out the steps which I followed for my Company Switch. If you feel that these steps are worth following, feel free to do so and make your Company Switch a reality just like I did! 😎

Company Switch can happen for many reasons. Majority of them change for a better salary. Usually, a 3 to 4 year experienced Software Engineer can easily get 50% hike + promotion with a company switch. But I do not mean to say that the current company you are working in is bad. It is because, Service Companies cannot offer such a huge hike unless and until you have a very good Billing 😐 . There are cases where companies retain their critical resources by offering the hike the other company has offered. In all these cases, we can neither blame the company nor the employee. From an employee’s perspective, when the financial situation becomes difficult, he looks out for other companies with a better compensation and from the company’s point of view, if they feel that the guy is worth retaining, he will be retained. The system works that way. There is nothing wrong in it. As the popular saying goes, “right and wrong are always relative”.

Being in the same company for more than 2 or 3 years is a special feeling 😀 . You become familiar with majority of the office mates – you come across many managers, delivery heads, leads, all those faces which you used to stare at once are now familiar faces, junior resources/team mates who think that you are a “Super Star” (only You know what you really are!  😉 ); team lunch, lunch with your training batch mates, ex-team mates, birthday celebrations, office pantry, playing cricket inside office, shuttle-badminton, and of course, those good looking girls of some other project…:razz:  a big list of things you would always love to remember.

On the flip side, you have your Manager who constantly picks at you and does nothing on himself, who says that you need improvement in some area (so that he could cut down your Appraisal rating), who never appreciates irrespective of how well you perform 😕 , those low Salary hikes(or you can say no hikes), those training batch mates(most of them) who switched to some giant companies with huge package/compensation, those dangerous colleagues who used to snatch credit for all the hard work you did 👿 , your current project/technology which you feel is of no use for your career, and the list never ends… which always makes you irritated and frustrated!

I do not mean that all Managers are rude or colleagues are villains. These are just few cases that at least 80% of the Engineers would have faced at least once in their career life.

Speaking in terms of mathematics :
Consider the first list of things which makes you happy as “A” and the list of things which makes you frustrated as “B”. A is nothing but your Comfort Zone, and B is the driving force that is trying to break the Comfort zone.

Case1: When A > B, you stay happily within your comfort Zone 🙂 .
Case2: When B > A, you start trying hard in-order to switch the company 😡 .

The moment you realize the fact that you fall under Case 2, you start looking out for better options. After attending a couple of interviews, and then getting being rejected, you might start thinking that switching company is difficult and then try to convince yourself to be in the same old Company. The key here is in building up the driving force and not letting down your hope. There is a dialogue from a famous movie which goes:

“If you want to work with a film director,

you have to try a lot to meet him… run behind lot of people for a chance…

and they won’t even care…

People around will treat you like shit…

They may even yell at you…

You must cross all that and take the chance…

Once that hindrance is crossed, then your life is made…

If you thought why all these hassles and sat at home…

then… just sit forever… “

Attending an interview and getting a good offer in hand is somewhat similar. Actually it is far easier than the above scenario.
It is not easy to learn or prepare for the interview after your office hours, to get up early and get ready for interviews on weekends/holidays 😕 , face your friends/colleagues after getting rejected in an interview 😳 . But if you think: Why all these Hassles and sit at home. That’s it. You’ll sit at home forever . So let’s do something and take some initiative. And I will tell you how! 🙂

I joined my first Company in 2011 through off campus placement. When I was in college, my goal was to successfully complete BTech. Later, I had an added goal, to get placed in a good Company. It took lot of time and hard work to accomplish them both. But that moment after successfully completing B-Tech, with a good offer in hand! It felt like I was the happiest person in the world  🙂 . I felt that I had achieved everything and that I landed in the safe zone and from now on life will be easy. First year of corporate IT life went happily and being a fresher at an MNC was awesome as there was less work and lots of fun 😉 . But after a year I realized that I haven’t learned much and that I was not confident to work in any technology. Life started becoming hard and I started worrying about future. At that point of time I got good hikes and later, an on-site opportunity as well. Needless to say that my life had become easier again and difficulty level was under control. After 9months of on-site, when I came back, I had a HUGE savings and few cool gadgets which I had always dreamed of 😎 . However, please don’t ask me now where all those Savings are! 😯

By the time I came back to offshore I realized that many of my colleagues with my same experience had already switched the company and are getting highly paid! I’m 2.5 years experienced now and I didn’t have the confidence to move out of my comfort zone. I felt that I’m weak in my primary skills. By that time many senior colleagues were in my friends list. I mean to say, they were not just colleagues but more than that. Interacting with senior colleagues is something really informative. They have been in the system for some time and they know how things work (far better than us). One of them told me that an ideal switch can be made after completing 3 years and then the next switch after 5 years. After that the switching process becomes difficult. I met a few people who were in the same company for more than 7 years, 9 years etc. They all were regretting for not having switched the company. One of them told me that her friends who joined with her in the same company are now working in some other top MNCs and are earning more than double of what she was earning now. Those people who switched at-least two times are financially better now.
All of them wanted me to switch as I had become 3years experienced IT professional by then. They didn’t want me to repeat the mistakes they did. I realized that it was high time that I started preparing for the same.

Eventually I did and here is how!

1) Select your Primary Skill
For those who have worked in the same technology till date can stick to the same. But for those who have worked in multiple technologies will have to choose one and concentrate on that (You will have to do your own projects and fill the resume). Yes! You’ll have to dig out some time (say, at least an hour a day) by reducing your sleep or whatever that might be costing you time.
A Company recruits an experienced professional, (in majority of the cases) to work in the same field of expertise. If recruitment is for the position of an experienced Java developer, he is expected to have that level of Knowledge. Don’t Panic! Knowledge is something that can be gained by learning and practicing. Put some extra effort in learning and practicing your primary skills. Just think of how you passed your 10th, 12th, Degree and landed into a Good IT job! If you can do all those, then this is nothing compared to all those. The only thing you have to do is, put in some extra effort. Let’s do that. Google for interview questions related to your field of expertise and answer them instead of starting from scratch. The more interview questions you prepare, more chance of getting selected. Make sure that you have a good understanding of what you are learning.

2) Attend Interviews

After a month’s practice, start attending interviews. You may not have learned completely, I know. Just keep in mind that complete learning is not possible – Never ever! Don’t waste your time thinking that you haven’t prepared well. After a month’s time you have to start attending Interviews. Not for getting selected, but for experience. Go for the first few interviews without any expectation. You might get nervous in front of the interviewer in the beginning but trust me, that’s quite usual. After all, we are humans. Mistakes happen all the time, just learn from it and move forward. Make it a habit to attend a minimum of 2 interviews per week. I guarantee that you’ll gain a LOT of confidence when it comes to facing the interviewers the next time you attend an interview. The key to carry out this step is, even after feeling bad about the first interview, you must have the will power to attend the next one and the next one and so on. Make it a habit. Keep aside your weekends for interviews. Just keep thinking about the happy days after getting a great offer! Self motivate. It is said that practice makes man perfect. That’s very true.

3) Note It Down!

Even after preparing well with all the possible questions, you’ll face lot of new questions. Now this is another great advantage of attending interviews. You get to know a lot of new questions and maybe even a pattern that the interviewers follow. Make sure that when you get home, you note it down and learn them all so that next time getting the same question should be like:

4) Keep Attending more interviews

If you follow the above steps, you’ll know the potential questions that you can expect from the Interview Board, what can be the worst Question, how you can tackle it and more. Since you know the answers, confidence just flows in. Now you are Unstoppable! This is the time when you start clearing all the interviews you attend! Yes, it’s not that far…

These simple steps (hard but worthy) helped me to switch to a new Company. I had attended 16 interviews and got 4 offers in Hand:

  • 3 times HCL (Got rejected all 3 times)
  • 2 times Mindtree (Got rejected all 2 times)
  • Capgemini – (cleared first two rounds and then they never called)
  • Vanenberg (Rejected)
  • Kal (Rejected)
  • NetCracker (Cleared 2 rounds and then got rejected)
  • Pramati (Cleared 3 rounds and then got  rejected!)
  • Subex (Rejected)
  • Oracle (was so happy for clearing first round..  But they rejected me in Second round)
  • Simbus –Cleared
  • Infosys – Cleared (I rejected the offer due to the below industry standard salary they offered, claiming that I should look at the company name and fame and not the salary!)
  • EY – Cleared
  • Allianz – Cleared

I accepted one among the offers I had received and I’m currently working with a company which is known as the ‘Best place to work’. Life is really good after the switch. In my case, I didn’t spend much time in initial learning, directly started attending interviews. Very brave yeah? 😎

I just shared my experience hoping that it would be of some help to someone at some point of time. Do remember that the thunder storms and heavy rains don’t last forever. Sky will become clear and days will be sunny again. Just believe in yourself and keep trying. Rise up from failures. The same applies for life too!

Getting rejected in an Interview doesn’t mean that you are a waste, or reject piece ! It just means that you need more preparation.

The steps I described above were practiced by many of my friends, and all are now working happily with a better job, promotion and yeah, more money. To conclude,
“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

Good Luck!  :)