My Best Birthday

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Hi friends, my birthday 2010 was the best birthday i had in my life. It really surprised me in many aspects. It all started at 12 o clock 16th sep 2010. I was asleep, mobile out of coverage, friends kept on trying and atlast they called home(landline)! Everyone at home awake, was in panic since they never got a call at 12am. They awaked me, and i got my first wish from one of my dearest friends. Dad was giving me a serious foul look. I kept phone, ran to my room, took the mobile and repositioned it. Then calls came one by one from my dearest ones. I was very happy, really :-). Then i slept.

Morning i woke up and went to college. On my way, i got theย cetlylive alert sms “Its Praveesh’s birthday today and we have hacked his websiteย Please wish him there ๐Ÿ™‚ “. I was surprised :-0.

Since i was on my way to college, i couldn’t see my blog. As soon as i reached college, people started wishing me “Happy birthday”. Most of them i saw wished me. I was surprised. How come all these people know?. I ran to internet lab to check my hacked blog. At first there was some problem with network and the page wasn’t loading. But soon the connection was ok. I just entered and soon came a red page with a cake, wonderful words and lots of wishes. Oh God! It was one of the happiest moment. I….i …..i don’t have words to express my feelings.( let me not make it over ;-))

See that page here:ย

Its all the work of my dear ones namely (Mr Infinite, Crazythoughts, Subru and Lonelydreamer ). Thanks for your love and care.

Crazythoughts phoned me in the morning, telling “Don’t forget to buy sweets, otherwise you will be in trouble! “. So i bought sweets. But all my classmates attacked me and looted everything. Even Subru looted a handful of sweets!

Whenever i went outside, people i met wished me. Even then, i wasn’t fedup of saying “Thankyou”. Afternoon some of my juniors ( My sweet sisters) came to wish me and to my surprise, they gave me a gift . That was really nice ๐Ÿ™‚ .

Then i entered seminar hall, one of my classmate was taking seminar on some boring topic. Morning itself i was recieving Birthday wishes in the form of sms. While listening to seminar( sorry, while cracking jokes ;-)),I got one wish from munnu‘s number. It was baby surya‘s birthday wish.When i startedย replyingย to that message, Madam saw me messaging and took away my phone ๐Ÿ™ .

Later to my surprise, she gave back my phone telling ” Happy Birthday” :-). Later i saw her wish in my blog too :-).

I was worried because somethings didn’t happen as i wanted. But since it was my day, those things happened later the same day ;-).

Then i returned back home. As soon as i reached home, mom gave me my birthday special “Payasam” . It was yummy. Then i sat infront of my lap. When i opened my mail, inbox was full of wishes, in facebook many wallposts, comments, updates with my name tagged…Oh, took a huge amount of time to go through.ย Just checkout this:

Its a tweet about me ย “Friends hack birthday boy’s website to wish happy birthday…

Many friends were online at that moment. Jeevan asked me for payasam. I told him to come home. It was around 9pm. I thought he won’t come. But within ten minutes he reached my home, gave him payasam, talked for few minutes and then he left. Had some good chats, phone calls with my dear ones and then went to bed. Thus my best birthday passed.

Thanks to all my friends who made this boy’s birthday the best birthday :-).