Most wonderful days of life…Life at Mphasis Part 2

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This is the continuation of Campus to Corporate…Life at Mphasis Part 1. If you haven’t read it, click here to read.

So i was talking about scoring above 65% during the training Thinking smile. First we had the soft skill test which consisted of an online grammar test(objective), email writing and a presentation. With God’s grace, i cleared it Angel. Grammar test result gets displayed just after completing the test. Email & presentation marks come later.

Next week onwards, our technical training started, Java Coffee cup. With the basic Java knowledge i found it easy to grasp what all out trainer taught. Our trainer Ismail, was one of the best trainer, who was so good in technologyThumbs up. If i start speaking about him, it will take another series of posts. He taught us everything in a relaxed, understandable and easy manner. His way of teaching helped all of us to pass the technical tests. Just because of him, our training went smoothly.

At MLA, you get best trainers Just kidding , can learn the assigned technology School,  get lots of free time Party smile, good(+economical) food &  accomodation Plate, management with helping mentality Call me and lots of such stuffs(and also full salary as mentioned in the package Money). So all together, it is fun.

Every weekend, we organised tours. Thus we visited almost all tourist centres in Mangalore. And later to Mookambika Temple, Kudajadri, Goa etc. And thus, altogether the life at MLA was one of the most wonderful period in my life. I don’t have words to narrate all those… Just watch the two videos which will give a ROUGH idea of all those wonderfulmoments. The videos might take time to load, Have patience please.

Life at MphasiS Learning Academy from Praveesh

Java Boys in Goa from Praveesh

I got graduated from MLA on 16th August 2011. Got deployed on 17th August 2011  to Chennai. Thats it 🙂

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