How to complete your Engineering Degree & Land a Job in an IT company?

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Before reading this article, I would like to mention something  important. This article is not for the following community:

  • Bhujis [ The brainy fellows!]
  • Those who join the college with the sole purpose of having fun and wasting Dad’s money.

If you don’t belong to any of the above mentioned categories, you can continue reading :).

If you ask me ‘Why did you choose Engineering?’ ,

My answer will be ‘For a good job, salary!’  [and not to gain knowledge or do some research :p ].

After twelfth, I had no idea about my future. All my friends were going for Engineering Entrance coaching, so I too followed them. My mind kept asking me ‘What are you going to do if you don’t clear the Entrance?’  , I had no answer! That was a critical stage of life, which decides who I am in the future. Just learned something, prayed well and wrote the entrance. When the result came, I didn’t have much mark, but still managed to pass the entrance and get admission to a college that was just 30kms far from home. [Note: Prayer plays an important role during the exams. Never miss it]

I was very disappointed to see my college as it was entirely different from the college I had in mind [after watching so many movies]. But I had no other option. Decided to study well, score good marks so that i could get placed in any top IT company.

First year went smoothly. After that I don’t know what happened. I was not the same old one any more. I lost my aim, dreams, hopes somewhere in between. Soon I came to know that, there is nothing to worry as this happens with everyone 😉 .

I had a strong aim of scoring above 80% in Engineering when I joined the college. But it reduced to 70 in second year and in the last two years my aim was to somehow pass the exams!  Regarding the semester marks, the graph was coming down with huge force!

When I was in final year, students from my batch started getting placed in good IT companies. And I could not even clear the preliminary aptitude tests. I had few close friends and a Professor who kept motivating me, who were with me whenever I needed them. Also one of my friend’s parents, who are very close to me, played an important role in my career. They were very helpful in guiding me to the right path. They are actually the ones who shaped my career. I was so lucky to have them. All are not lucky enough to be like this [this might sound arrogant, I mean it]. The only thing which I lacked was some hard work from my part.

My dad kept telling me that ‘You should get placed within the Campus! You should get placed within the Campus!’. I never felt it Important. I thought like ‘If I am out of the college with an Engineering Degree, there will be lot of companies to offer a Job. Why should I worry? I will attend many Interviews and might get placed somewhere.’ But listen, it’s very very very important to get placed before getting passed out of the college. It’s very very very difficult to get placed once you are out of the college. I have seen many of my classmates suffering. One of my close friend always keep telling that ‘College is your safe zone, Figure out the next zone before you are out of the safe zone, otherwise it will be very difficult. [Note: if you are looking for a good job, get placed before you pass out of the college]

Second year I realized that scoring good marks from now on is impossible for me [Yes it is]. And with low mark profile, it’s not easy to get placed. So I decided to find out some ways to cover/hide my bad marks. But what is special in me? Anything extra ordinary? Am I good at anything? Nothing! I was totally a crap, good for nothing.

I was a very inactive member of college placement cell and CS-IT [Computer Science-Information Technology] Association. I was very shy and afraid to talk in front of even 4people. I knew that I would have to change all these nightmares, otherwise I cannot move forward in life.  One senior [who was an active, very active member of placement cell] once shared his experience which really caught my attention. He spoke about his life before joining placement cell, and how it changed, what all he did, how placement cell helped him to change his nature, so and so.  This really impressed me. I too decided to change. Within few months I became an active member of the placement cell. So was the case with the CS-IT Association.

You might be thinking, how I became an active member of the placement cell. It was not at all difficult for me. Taking part in student placement activities really helped me to skip a lot of classes as it was for the official needs ;). Slowly I had to talk with the other juniors, organize meetings, assign them work, planning placement drives and so on. Yes unknowingly I changed a lot.

This was not just the activity I was involved in. I was very lucky to be a part of the college campus blog team[CeTly L!ve]. I had a very keen interest towards web. But I didn’t know anything as I was just an ordinary engineering student who starts studying overnight for his university exams. I wanted to know how the websites worked. My best friend was a cool Techie. He helped me to start with a free blog. In the beginning I didn’t understand anything but my curiosity to learn those stuffs made it easy for me in the following days. Later I came to know that two members in the placement cell were involved with such stuffs. By that time they even spotted my Interest in web related activities. Within no time we became very close friends. It was them who inspired me, gave a helping hand to step into a new world of web. Soon these two guys, I and my techie friend started working as a team towards the college campus blog. In no time, more members got added and the campus blog team grew up. It was really one of the best times: like minded people, working together on a stuff that you would love to do.  By that time I changed a lot, I found my interest in blogging and designing. [Note: Everyone is special. You have something unique in you, and finding your uniqueness makes you different from others]

Yes, it was my friend circle which changed me! If I had not met them, I can’t even imagine what I would be doing at this time. Searching for a Job? Or still writing back papers?  Thank God, I was not one among those innocent, brainy fellows who became hard-core smokers, drinkers, drug addicts and back paper record breakers by joining the wrong friend circle.[Note: Your friend circle plays an important role in deciding your future]

You might feel that I have spoken so much about college life, and why didn’t I speak anything about Love! Let me not skip that as its very important 😀 . College love usually starts with friendship. There are also cases where a boy proposes a girl and immediately she says ‘Yes’ [Either the boy is too handsome, too rich or love @ first sight]. The usual ones start with friendship for a considerable period of time, and then the boy proposes the girl. Most girls say ‘No’ at first and later it turns into Yes! There are also cases that stay ‘No’ forever [Yes, really there are Such cases 😉 ]. I felt this force of attraction towards a girl right from first year. After a time period, some other girl, and thus this force of attraction was transferred from body to another. The problem with my force of attraction was that, it was always a vector! Only towards one direction [Don’t get confused about the direction of the vector. It’s obviously from me towards the girl]. As I was bad in Physics this force of attraction never worked for me, as a result I was left single [still I am]. Getting committed, or being in a relationship usually causes negative impact on your studies. But there are many who have made it positive. So for those who are in such complications, take care of yourself. Don’t spoil your career.  [Hey boys, some cash waala will marry her one day. She will live with him happily. What will you do? Roam around rest of the life with long beard singing ‘Anjale’ song? Think! ]

I hope I have spoken lot of stuffs about college. I left out something? Yes! Your academics. Whatever you do in your college life, the one and the main thing you should keep in mind is to successfully complete your course, as it is the reason why you came to college. At least manage to pass all your papers.

Find out the common cut-off percentage for top IT companies, and try to score it. It’s not that difficult. I think 60% will do for many good companies. Try not to go below that.  Once you manage to score above cut-off, you can attend lot of recruitments. For each recruitment, you need to do some work. In the sense, some background study about that company, previous patterns of the preliminary tests, basic technical knowledge that is required, so and so. And important thing is that, you must have something in your Resume that can really impress the Interviewer. Not necessarily marks! If you are bad in marks like me, then something extracurricular. He should feel that you are worth hiring. You have your whole college life to do some extra curricular activities that can be added to your resume.

‘Luck’ plays a very important role in our career. It is not our hands. Don’t get disappointed when you don’t succeed at first. Take chances. Try Try Try. Keep trying.  ’ If there are no enough placement activities in your college, anyways there are lot of activities happening outside in the form of combined or pooled placement drives. Take chances. You might have heard that Luck favours the Brave. Be brave enough to take up challenges and failures, work on your weakness. One day Luck will favour you in one way or the other.

Once you get inside any of the top IT company, your life style will change. You get highly paid at such a young age.You can have lots of fun. You can make your dreams come true. You can buy all those stuffs which you once wished to be yours, visit beautiful places, eat variety of food, good friends and lots more.

Apart from all these, the best thing is that, you can bring smile on your parents’ face. What more is required?


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