How i got placed? Part II

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This is the continuation of “How i got placed? Part I”. Those who haven’t read it, Click here to read.

So i was speaking about eby sir’s dialog Annoyed. Yes ! That dialog really made me feel like i lost my heartbeat for a moment Sick smile. I discussed about the same with varun later. He tried to convince me by telling that its not so and all. But that dialog struck hard somewhere in my mind Disappointed smile. When i asked the same to hariyettan, he told me something that was really funny! He said: “ 100% of Btech students are not fit for the industry. A Btech student becomes fit only when he/she receives proper training from the industry.” That made me really happy Smile . He kept on telling that “unless you prepare, you are not gonna clear any test” . So i decided to learn something Angel. Its really difficult to learn something without any interest Thinking smile. In order to get the interest, i did a simple trick Winking smile. I just thought of my dreams and my ambition. Keeping it in mind, i started learning with the pure intention of getting a job so that i could realise my dreams Smile.

When i started learning , i felt like all the problems in those Agarwal books were very easy ( it doesn’t mean that i’m intelligent, its because the complete step by step solution was just below each question). So going through those problems repeatedly will help you solve all those. Thus i selectively learned some chapters. Even we friends used to have a combine study of Agarwal. Thus i got some basic ideas regarding those chapters.

Basically i’m a human. And therefore, i slowly started loosing my interest in Agarwal (Donno where my dreams and ambition went at that time Thinking smile). I was also a little busy with my final year project, because of which i lost contact with agarwal almost completely Sad smile.

One day i saw a mail from hariyettan about “Mphasis” Recruitment at FISAT via KBCCP (Keltron Bigleap Campus Connect Program). Almost all colleges around were present in the list of colleges that could participate in the drive. But i couldn’t find our College! And the summary of that mail was the same thing, ‘Why was our college out of the list?’ . Eby sir lost his temper, suddenly contacted KBCCP and within few minutes the name of our college was in that list Open-mouthed smile . Thats something special about Eby sir Hot smile (His own way of doing thingsPunch )).

So that’s the next placement drive. I was in a doubt whether to attend it or not Thinking smile. The thought that ran inside me was: Mphasis, an HP company Surprised smile… Intelligent students from all over kerala will be attending Baring teeth smile… Why should i go? Confused smile… Whats the use of going again and again? Failing the aptitude test… Simply wasting money… Annoyed No… I decided not to go… I was also suffering from Cold. My physical condition was also not good, was very tired. So i fixed not to go.

Later when i said about this decision to my friends, they told me to simply attend the drive as we cannot predict when our fortune will rise. So just for the sake of my friends, i decided to attend the drive Shifty. And then i came to know that around 25 students were going to attend the drive from our college. Then why should i sit at home.I said to myself: Lets go.. Have some fun.. Party smile

Placement drive was on 26th February, Saturday. We planned to leave kannur on 25th night, Malabar Express. The journey was unforgettable. Nidhin N K, Praful, Roshith, Midhun Saju…. We talked a lot, cracked many jokes, shared many experiences and also learned few things (NK was sleeping while we were learning). Reached Angamaly station around 3 o clock. Praful was our leader and co-ordinator. He is a wonderful person (@Praful let me not explain much about you, that will take another post). we took a room at Surabhi Lodge and slept there.

There were some funny beliefs regarding interviews. Here are a few of them:

“If you fail in a test/ interview once, do not wear the same dress next time!”

“Do not bath while going for an interview/test!”

There were many such beliefs. But i never believed in any of these( i tried all, nothing worked for me Sad smile ).

Wokeup at 6 am, got ready and went to FISAT. Had breakfast from FISAT canteen (It was wonderful). We had to wait till 12:30 since the preliminary aptitude test was an online one. Usually we used to sit and talk, crack jokes at such times. But this time we seriously studied agarwal. I saw some students staring at us.. never mindAnnoyed . In between, one of my friend Dijesh came back after writing the online test and explained to us how the test was and also the questions that were asked. We started studying those questions as if we were given something to eat after a long wait. After few minutes, we were called for the test. I was amazed by seeing the kind of lab facilities FISATians are provided with Surprised smile. Great!

The instructions were given on how to attend the test. We were asked to fill up our personal details in it first. Then the test started…

(To be continued…)

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