How i got placed? Part I

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Hi friends, I would like to share my story of attending placement drives and finally getting placed.

First of all let me say that i’m an average student (and sometimes even below average) and my classmates know how good i am at studies Sad smile . I never considered that getting high marks is something great, i believed nothing lies in marks Annoyed… But i missed the oppurtunity to attend the best placement drive at my college, “Infosys” , just because of my marks (even if i attended it, nothing is gonna happen, still i couldn’t participate(participation matters!)).

Next one was the placement drive of another good company “ibs” . I missed that too Sad smile (same reason:Devil Marks! ). But i was so happy since two of my friends got placed in “ibs” Smile ( @Varun, one is you).

Inbetween i got a chance to attend a placement drive at Sree Narayana Engineering college,Payyanur. I went there along with Nistul. We wrote the test together, discussing each question Laughing out loud. But when result came, both were out Sad smile. Then we returned back. But i must say that, I really enjoyed the trip Party smile.

That was the first test i attended. Next was the “Accenture” placement drive at Thrissur Engineering college (Had a nice stay at Varun’s house). Their PPT(Pre Placement Talk) was superb! At that moment i really became a fan of Accenture and wanted to be a part of Accenture. That Accenture fellow kept on telling “Accenture is not for everyone and Everyone is not for Accenture”. Test was easy but couldn’t clear it. But one of my “ibs” friend got placed in Accenture at the end of the day Smile.

Thus attending placement drives became my hobby. Whenever i heard of a placement drive (not the BPO ones Smile with tongue out) i used to go for it, fail in aptitude test and come back. The thing is that such trips were really wonderful and sometimes i even forgot the fact that i was going to attend a Company’s test for a job! I used to go for all these even without preparing (Sorry Hariyetta Don't tell anyone smile). I used to laugh at people when i see them reading R. S. Agarwal’s “Quantitative Aptitude” or “Verbal & Non-verbal Reasoning” Open-mouthed smile. I used to make fun of themNyah-Nyah.

Next one was the “suntec” test at Rajagiri Campus. Wow! What a campus! Surprised smile For a moment i thought, if i was studying here…. I was really jealous of the students there. I had to meet the placement officer there, so i went to their placement cell. It was A/C Surprised smile. Every where A/C . I couldn’t see a single A/C in my college Crying face. There was around 32 students from my college. Actually i never heard of such a company (company has a total of 450 employes only). Also i was not at all impressed with their PPT (Sorry NK). As usual,  the test was very easy but couldn’t clear the test. Three students from our college got placed in Suntec, including my friend Nidhin NK.

By this time, i almost made up my mind that i won’t clear such tests Sick smile. I won’t get into any IT firm if this is the case. My belief became stronger when i heard a dialog from eby sir “More than 80% of Btech students are not fit for the Industry! ” (Padachone! Surprised smile), “ and those who haven’t cleared the tests till now must realise the fact that you people won’t get placed unless you change your attitude and work more towards it.” These words really touched me! I started realising the fact that i was one among those 80%.

(To be continued….)

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