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Arranged Marriage Anyone? (Thoughts From My Experience)

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  So you have chosen to read this article which helps me to assume that you are facing the dilemma of “arranging” yourself for a marriage. Right? Well, take a deep breath pal! The way definitely is not easy. But don’t lose heart yet. Stick on with me. It all started when I turned 27, parents were already at me asking to get married. You know how it goes, “Mone (my dear son), age is running faster than Usain Bolt, it is time you get hitched” and to justify their…read more

An Awesome Short Film for those who Miss their Mom’s Breakfast

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If you haven’t watched this Short film yet, then please don’t miss this. This movie took me back to those Good old College days, Mom’s breakfast, the train journey to college, friends…. I miss everything…  Mom, I remember How badly I used to complain about the Breakfast at times, But now I realize How Good it was! Sorry Mom! I’ll be back Home soon for your Yummy Breakfast 🙂 Dedicating this Movie to ” the one who makes the best Dosa and the best Mom in this world.. ”  Special Thanks to…read more