Campus to Corporate…Life at Mphasis Part 1

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Life after college is something really different. And for a person like me, who never stayed away from home, its totally new! Let me start sharing my experience at MphasiS, an HP company Hot smile. I’m writing this post from MLA( MphasiS Learning Academy) Hostel,Mangalore, room no: 341 Smile.

You might have read the post ‘ How i got placed’ in MphasiS. It happened in February. On June 1st evening, i received a mail from Aspiring minds ( They are the ones who manage MphasiS recruitment) stating that my joining date is on June 16th 2011. I was happy, yet confused with few things which became alright later. I had to upload many documents such as mark sheets, ID proofs and also a manually filled form  before June 2nd. In order to upload all those, i need to first scan all those documents. The first face that came to mind was Mahith Mohan. He helped me to upload all the documents. Thanks Mahith Smile.

In the Aspiring minds mail, the reporting date was June 15th at MLA( MphasiS Learning Academy) Hostel. On 15th morning i went to MLA with my cousin brother. Reached MLA at 11:30am. Its just 3kms away from railway station.

The security outside MLA hostel asked to show the Letter of Intent and ID proof. Then he wrote all my details in a book and gave me a temporary MphasiS ID card which says “ CONTRACTOR”( we have to wear the same until we get our permanent ID card). I stepped into MLA hostel. Entrance itself was a big Cafeteria. Wow! Surprised smile I never saw such a big cafeteria in reality. There was a Huge LG LCD television in which the song “Dance pe chance maar le…”was playing Note. We were instructed to move right. Its the way to Boys hostel… Oops Smile with tongue out ! Gents hostel! we are not boys any more Hot smile.

From the Hostel reception i met my new room mate Aditya, from Chennai Sun. He came and shook hands with me and introduced himself. For a second i didn’t know what was happening Sick smile, later only i understood that it was my room mate. He is from Chennai, and he came with his parents. We both moved to our room 341 and started talking. One thing we both had in common was that, we were away from home for the first time Sad smile. Later i met Arvind Yadav, my Facebook friend Smile and then Nisam, his classmate. The room was good with a pair of descent bed, a pair of table, chair and wardrobe. The attached bathroom was neat and good Smile. I was happy with the room and facilities.

My cousin brother said goodbye and he left. I went to the next room and started talking with neighbours. Afternoon we all went to cafeteria and had food together. There were two cafeterias. One on the ground floor and one on the top floor. On ground floor there was a ‘ Punjabi Dhaba’ which had all the north Indian items. Next to it was the ‘ Dosa Plaza’ which had all the south Indian meals. In the top cafeteria i found many MphasiSians playing TT( table tennis), caroms, foosball( its a board game version of football). Top cafeteria had almost all the snack items, ice creams, juices, Chinese items etc etc. I was really impressed with all those as i haven’t seen all these before. The day went by quickly.

Next day, June 16th was our joining date. We had to report on training hall A at 9: 45am. We had an induction session, followed by joining formalities like form filling, document submission etc Sleepy smile.  Similarly was the next day, submitting forms, bank formalities etc. Also there were sessions by various HR members. They explained about the Company Policies, Culture and so on. They were very informative( and also good looking Winking smile). Thus the first two days passed.

Within these two days i got many friends Smile. Febin, Sanjay, Vineeth, Hemant, Karthik, Arun, Neeraj, Viswanath, Aravind, Balaji, Gopal, ManoSmile. Actually, our batch was named APPS 46(its the 46th training batch) and it consisted of 45 students. We were divided into two streams, JAVA and .net. I belonged to JAVA batch. Our batch’s name is APPS 46 JAVA Coffee cup. I’m not at all good in JAVA or .net. So anyway, I’ll have to start from scratch School. Most of the students of my batch were Malayalees Hot smile. Few were from TamilNadu , and one from Hyderabad.

Our training started actually on  June 20, Monday with soft skills. Our soft skill trainer was Anoop. He taught us how to behave inside the corporate world, how to deal with clients, how to write business emails, how to work as a team, telephone etiquettes, presentations skills etc etc. We had to do few presentations also. Thus went the one week long soft skill training. We had a good time Party smile. The .net batch’s trainer was Manoj. He is a special person. I saw him first in his cabin, he was talking over phone and then after that he was typing something in his laptop. At that time i didn’t feel anything special. Later only i came to know that he was blind Surprised smile. But the way he does his routines won’t make you feel so.

The next week, we had soft skill assessment which consisted of a grammar test, email writing and presentation. We were told that, every week we will be having exams and at last we have to score an overall percentage of 65%. Otherwise out!!! Surprised smile

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