Blessed Day

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It was a saturday, and i had planned a dayout with my friends. But dad told me to stay home till 1pm and will decide about my dayout after that (he had some engagements). I flattered mom and she permitted me to go out, but after 1pm. I told that i had to buy some books to start preparing for aptitude tests and  interviews ;-).

Friends were continously messaging me, forcing me to come(Since i agreed to give them a birthday treat ;-)). I too wanted to meet them.

Dad returned home after his engagements at 12pm. I asked him permission, and he told YES! . But it was not just a yes. The yes followed with  loads of work. Namely 1. Take a BSNL sim for dad, 2. Confirm his flight ticket from travel agency, 3. Take train ticket , 4. Laminate a photo. Oh! Its already one o clock. Any way i was happy that i got permission:-). I just ran and quickly messaged my friends regarding my treat confirmation. Within ten minutes i had my bath, lunch, changed dress and ran to catch the bus to town.

Started doing each of the assigned missions like playing GTA ;-). Works were distributed in different places. Any way  i decided to finish it of as soon as possible. Between that i got a call, all my friends reached kannur new bustand. I just told them that im gonna reach in minutes, seconds..;-).

Reached stand, had some talks and then went to Payyambalam beach. Had some great talks there. Really loved all those.In between i found time to sms chat with one of my friend who was messed up with a problem. Crazythoughts made me realise some truths which made me loose all my hope at a moment. But Crazythoughts and Infinity helped me to regain some hopes. Subru was talking about  developing some application. Topics started cycling from one to another. Time was running so fast and i had three works left, namely taking the train ticket, buying an aptitude book and at last the treat. Since we were very hungry, we decided to execute the treat first. We started walking out of the beach ( had a salted pineapple stuff from the exit, it was yummy ;-)). Our talks made the journey very short.

Soon we reached cita pani, ordered for a Shawai+Porotta+Kubo0s :-). Crazythoughts kept on asking for mayonnaise and that salad :-). Had a great time there.

Time was almost 5:30pm. I had to take train tickets. I just imagined over the crowd infront of reservation counter and started making hurryburry. Crazythoughts and infinity had to meet one of their old school teacher. So me and subru went to railway station.

Reached railway station, collected train details, took the ticket and left the station ( no much crowd infront of reservation, no tokens; made my work easy). As soon as we left station, we met crazythoughts and infinity. Crazythoughts had to leave early. So we bid him goodbye.

Next mission was to buy an aptitude book. We three ( me, infinity and subru) started walking towards athulya books. Suddenly got a message from crazythoughts ( ” I may extend the destination of my journey, since…..”  @h u know it :-D)

The book was there at Athulya, but didn’t buy for some reasons. Then it was time to say goodbye. It was already late. Both of them left to new bustand.Soon my bus came and i got into it. Till this time, the day was a usual day. But what followed made the day “Blessed”.

When the bus reached caltex, i got a message from crazythoughts that the sixth semester examination results were published. I was not at all surprised or i didn’t have any tension since i was expecting one backpaper (supply) for sure. Even i had started preparing for the supplimentary exam. After ten minutes i got a call from subru which really surprised me. He told me both us passed!!! Actually i couldn’t believe that. Since i just wrote for 30 marks ( maximum) and 45 is the passmark. I don’t know how it happened. Soon Infinity called me and he too told that i passed! Tears of happiness burst from my eyes :'( . I thanked God for the “miracle“. Suddenly some old memories at Thalassery foli with crazythoughts, infinity and subru ran through my mind. I had to pass s6 to prove that crazythoughts was true and he never misguided us( @n, @h and @v know it na). And God proved him to be true, i was so happy.

Later infinity called me and said a happy news which also was unbelievable. We got a project approved which we thought impossible. That was also something we never expected.

Thus it was a day with unexpected events which made all of us happy. I thank God for transforming a usual day into such a great Blessed day. Before sleeping on that day, i updated my facebook status ” @God, thank you “.