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Arranged Marriage Anyone? (Thoughts From My Experience)

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  So you have chosen to read this article which helps me to assume that you are facing the dilemma of “arranging” yourself for a marriage. Right? Well, take a deep breath pal! The way definitely is not easy. But don’t lose heart yet. Stick on with me. It all started when I turned 27, parents were already at me asking to get married. You know how it goes, “Mone (my dear son), age is running faster than Usain Bolt, it is time you get hitched” and to justify their…read more

My First Company Switch…It can be yours too…Know How

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I’m completing 4 years of IT life today  🙂 . My first company switch was not as easy as I thought before. So I’m sharing my experience, hoping that it will help someone somewhere at some point of time . Intended Audience: Those who are trying for a company switch, but are finding it difficult due to ‘n’ number of reasons. Or specifically speaking, The Software Engineers! 🙄 I have listed out the steps which I followed for my Company Switch. If you feel that these steps are worth following, feel…read more


An Awesome Short Film for those who Miss their Mom’s Breakfast

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If you haven’t watched this Short film yet, then please don’t miss this. This movie took me back to those Good old College days, Mom’s breakfast, the train journey to college, friends…. I miss everything…  Mom, I remember How badly I used to complain about the Breakfast at times, But now I realize How Good it was! Sorry Mom! I’ll be back Home soon for your Yummy Breakfast 🙂 Dedicating this Movie to ” the one who makes the best Dosa and the best Mom in this world.. ”  Special Thanks to…read more

How to complete your Engineering Degree & Land a Job in an IT company?

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Before reading this article, I would like to mention something  important. This article is not for the following community: Bhujis [ The brainy fellows!] Those who join the college with the sole purpose of having fun and wasting Dad’s money. If you don’t belong to any of the above mentioned categories, you can continue reading :). If you ask me ‘Why did you choose Engineering?’ , My answer will be ‘For a good job, salary!’  [and not to gain knowledge or do some research :p ]. After twelfth, I had…read more

Most wonderful days of life…Life at Mphasis Part 2

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This is the continuation of Campus to Corporate…Life at Mphasis Part 1. If you haven’t read it, click here to read. So i was talking about scoring above 65% during the training . First we had the soft skill test which consisted of an online grammar test(objective), email writing and a presentation. With God’s grace, i cleared it . Grammar test result gets displayed just after completing the test. Email & presentation marks come later. Next week onwards, our technical training started, Java . With the basic Java knowledge i…read more

Campus to Corporate…Life at Mphasis Part 1

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Life after college is something really different. And for a person like me, who never stayed away from home, its totally new! Let me start sharing my experience at MphasiS, an HP company . I’m writing this post from MLA( MphasiS Learning Academy) Hostel,Mangalore, room no: 341 . You might have read the post ‘ How i got placed’ in MphasiS. It happened in February. On June 1st evening, i received a mail from Aspiring minds ( They are the ones who manage MphasiS recruitment) stating that my joining date…read more

How i got placed? Part III (Final)

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How i got placed? Part I How i got placed? Part II The first round was the online aptitude test. It consisted of 4 sections. English: 25Questions, 25 Minutes Quantitative: 25 Questions, 35 Minutes Computer Basics: 25Questions, 35 Minutes Logical Reasoning: 25 Questions, 35 Minutes There was also a Personal section which we were asked to skip. The online test was good. I liked the appearance, interface etc. It was simple . Test was managed by Aspiring Minds. There was a timer running at the top which helped me a…read more

How i got placed? Part II

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This is the continuation of “How i got placed? Part I”. Those who haven’t read it, Click here to read. So i was speaking about eby sir’s dialog . Yes ! That dialog really made me feel like i lost my heartbeat for a moment . I discussed about the same with varun later. He tried to convince me by telling that its not so and all. But that dialog struck hard somewhere in my mind . When i asked the same to hariyettan, he told me something that was…read more

How i got placed? Part I

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Hi friends, I would like to share my story of attending placement drives and finally getting placed. First of all let me say that i’m an average student (and sometimes even below average) and my classmates know how good i am at studies . I never considered that getting high marks is something great, i believed nothing lies in marks … But i missed the oppurtunity to attend the best placement drive at my college, “Infosys” , just because of my marks (even if i attended it, nothing is gonna…read more

My first Interview experience

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I attended my first Interview ( Indian Army SSB Selection) on 8-10-2010. Got all certificates ready at the last moment  and attended the interview with the firm belief that i won’t get selection ;-). I heard that they select very few students, may be one or two. So let me speak what all happened. First of all i entered the interview room, greeted the army officer ” Goodmorning”. He replied, ” very goodmorning”. He collected my form from me and asked me to speak about me, my parents, my hobbies…read more